Tips on How to Create Email Marketing For Your Business

Have you ever sent an email to your customers and got no response? The question is always “did they open it? Or did they just open to delete it?” Maybe you don’t even know where you went wrong. As long as you are not hurting your clients with spam emails, email marketing is an incredible tool for receiving and sending messages directly to your client and prospects. It strengthens your relationship with your clients and reminds them to reach to you. Below are a few tips that will help you create a good email marketing for your business:

Build Your Subscriber List

Even though you may have a long list of clients’ email, you should not stop to add more to it since it is not hard as it sounds. Make sure your subscriber list is growing on a daily basis with a signup feature on your website. You should have subscription forms on your home page, blog page or anywhere else you can fit it without removing some important contents.

Encourage Readers to Reply

Email marketing is an important tool that opens the doors to a meaningful conversation with the real clients who are interested in your products or services. Create irresistible subject line that speaks to readers directly and promises them something different from other mail in their inbox. Always ensure that your email comes from a real person who is concerned and not just a faceless marketing machine. By doing this, you will be able to encourage your readers to reply your messages and as such build a customer base.

Make it Personal

Whenever possible, add a personal element on the emails you are sending to clients. Most email tools can allow you to enter short cods that will later be replaced by the recipient’s name when you send the email.

Keep Your Emails Away from Spam Folders

If your emails are flagged as spams, they will never see the light of the day. Always make sure your recipients have opted into your emails so that you are not violating any regulations such as the CAN-SPAM Act.

Make Your Emails Clean and Crisp

Use short paragraphs and ensure that the keywords and phrases targeting your recipient stand out. Include bullet points to help them skim the content and take in crucial points. You can also insert picture and images sparingly to illustrate your message.list building

Make your emails mobile friendly

Most people use mobile phones to send and read emails. If your emails are not optimized for viewing using mobile phones, then you will be potentially missing out a huge number of clicks.

Test your mailing system

Never send your mails without making sure that they are working properly. Go through your messages to ensure they look exactly how you want them to be by sending them to employee accounts. Check them, through various email accounts and mobile devices before finalizing your drafts.


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