How Construction Technology is Improving Jobsite Productivity

The construction industry is generally among the slowest glowing sectors globally. Nevertheless, the modern construction technology is giving this sector a boost by improving jobsite productivity. And increased jobsite productivity is beneficial to every player in the industry. Essentially, improved productivity leads to decreased projects’ completion costs and time. This increases profitability which in turn enhances the competitiveness of contractors when it comes to bidding. Here are some of the ways modern construction technology is enhancing jobsite productivity.

Improving Communication

Prompt communication is generally important for successful completion of a construction project. The entire contractor’s team and stakeholders need effective communication to remain on the same page. With effective communication, long wait hours are eliminated when it comes to solving problems at the jobsite. As such, team members get back to their work places faster and this enhances the speed with which construction projects are completed.

Digital Documents Organization

Administration tasks are the major burden for most construction projects. However, modern contractors are using innovative technologies like project management software to ease these tasks. Using such software, contractors can easily control the administrative workload. The efficiency brought by this construction technology leaves contractors more time to focus on other tasks. What’s more, digital documents enable contractors and team members to access data in real-time. This enables them to make decisions faster thereby improving processes at the jobsite.

Players can also send reports or documents faster using project management applications. Thus, this construction technology is enhancing real-time data collection and dissemination thereby eliminating the need to move away from the jobsite to convey information.

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility

Modern technology has introduced flexible and mobile tools that cater for the workers’ needs at the construction sites. For instance, contractors are using mobile time cards to enhance timekeeping while handling projects. Using such technology, contractors can provide time-tracking at the level of foremen. This enables them to monitor and ensure real-time labor productivity.

To remain competitive, contractors should embrace technology to enhance their jobsite productivity. And because technology is always evolving, contractors should always be on the lookout for what’s new in the industry.

Some of the critical safety concerns to look out for in a building site

Safety is a significant issue in any place and more so in a building site. A construction site has a lot of types of equipment and materials that can cause fatal injuries to the employees. One of the things that you should be concerned about include,

Trenches and ditches

A lot of channels have to be dug on the site when building. These holes can be fatal to a person if they fall inside. You need to make sure that everybody on site knows the dangers of walking around blindly. Depending on the depth of the trenches, if there aren’t proper protective measures placed, the ditches may cave in and cause havoc. You should put up barriers to keep the rest of the public away from the construction site since they can get hurt much faster. 

Falling or flying objects

You should provide safety gears like helmets and make it compulsory for everyone to wear them while they are at the building site. Most head injuries can be, and apart from losing their lives, one can suffer from memory loss or even seizures. Typically there is a lot of loose debris flying around the scene. You can also have circumstances where people accidentally trip and then get hurt. So make sure that everybody on the site is well protected against such issues.


You need to have electricity at the site to power up some of the tools. You have to have a serious talk with your electrician so that they can ensure that there are no bare wires around the site. Usually, there will be water too so in case of a mishap and the two cross each other’s paths; then you may have a disaster in your hands.

Materials at the site

There are some materials and chemicals that you are bound to use at the site and hence the need for protective clothing. Ensure that whoever is dealing with such materials has enough knowledge about them and know the ratios that are needed. They should also wear gloves and mask so that they don’t inhale the harmful substances and get internal issues.

Heavy-duty equipment

These types of equipment include the forklifts and the cranes. These machines are large and if not operated by a qualified person, can cause a lot of damage. You have to tell your manager or foreman to make sure that they are working well before they someone operates. There is a need for inspections so that to avoid them breaking down while in use. You should see to it that there is a barricade on the swing radius of the crane. The operators should always have their seat belts on and avoid moving too fast when they have heavy loads on them.It is crucial to have signs around the site to remind the workers of the dangers that can occur. This is because you can’t avoid the risks, but you can make sure that they are at a minimal.